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Make interactive projects using Electric Paint, the Touch Board and the Starter Kit

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Super power your workshops with this free guide. Definitions, tips and tricks for running your workshop.

Touch Board Workshop Manual

Discover the possibilities of what you can create with the Touch Board.

Touch Board Techniques and Inspiration

Step-by-step instructions to gain a practical working knowledge of how to use the Touch Board

Touch Board Basic Skills

Kickstart your workshop. Three complete lesson plans with templates and instructions.

Touch Board Basic Projects

What's new

Touch Board

£49.00 exc. VAT

Capacitive touch, distance sensing, MP3, MIDI & more on the Arduino-compatible Touch Board

Touch Board Starter Kit

£86.75 exc. VAT

Three interactive projects to get you started with the Touch Board.

Electric Paint 10ml

£6.00 exc. VAT

Paint sensors, cold solder, repair PCBs, or draw a circuit with Electric Paint.

Touch Board Workshop Pack

£400.00 exc. VAT

All the kit and five times the power. Create interactive projects with the Workshop Pack.

Electric Paint 50ml

£18.00 exc. VAT

Screen print, paint, or stencil circuits and sensors on any surface.