Glowing Snowflake Baubles

Follow this tutorial to make some festive blinking baubles to decorate your house for the holidays!


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Glowing Snowflake Baubles
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In this tutorial we will show you how to make glowing snowflake bauble using Electric Paint and some LEDs ready to put on your desk or hang around your house for the holiday.


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To begin you will need:

Electric Paint
Paint Brush
Paper, we've used thick cartridge paper, but copy paper would work fine
3V Button Cell Battery
White LEDs or whatever colour you want.

Step 1

Make the Bauble Base

The bauble base is the well know origami ball, or water ballon.

First of all you need to fold your piece of paper diagonally and cut off excess to make a square.

Step 2

Cutting out your snowflake design

The picture below shows the square where your snowflake is going to be cut, it has been outlined with a dotted line.

I've also coloured it purple so you can see where the boundaries are as its folded.

Fold up the bottom half towards the middle. Fold in half again, and again, until your square is now a small triangle, as seen on the bottom right.

Take your scissors and cut out your snowflake, being careful not to cut yourself or cut all the way through the triangle.

Once finished unfold, you should see your snowflake sitting nicely inside the square.

If you like you can cut the other side so you have two snowflakes.

Step 3

Painting on your battery connections

Take your button cell battery and place it in the bottom right corner in the triangle shown in the picture.

Draw around your battery, on both sides of the triangle.

Paint in the battery contacts.

Step 4

Attaching the LED

Once the paint is dry, you can now stick your LED in place. Place the legs of the LED onto the two strips of paint. and tape in place using cellotape.

Place the battery onto one of the circles of paint.

Step 5

With the battery placed on the square of paint, carefully pinch the corner of the paper to make contact, if the battery is the right way round you should see your LED light, if not flip the battery and check your LED has good contact with the paint.

Make sure you keep the battery pinched between the corner of the paper at all times so that the LED stays on, as you refold your snowflake-ball.

Still pinching the battery in place refold your ball.

Because you have cut holes in the ball, you won't be able to inflate it, you have to gently squash it open. Gently push on the top and bottom.

Step 6


You should now have your completed Snowflake-Bauble, all you have to do now is wait for it to get dark.

In the dark it will come to life and make a nice glowing Snowflake!

You can also cut different shapes in your square and use different coloured LEDs to create other festive decorations.

We'd love to see your Snowflake-Baubles or holiday decorations, we're sure you could make even better versions! Send photos of your projects to and we'll feature them on our community page.