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battery, led and electric paint

Electric Paint works like any other water-based paint, except it conducts electricity.

What is Electric Paint

Electric Paint 10ml Tube Bare Conductive Draw a Circuit

Make the most of your Electric Paint 10ml Tube

5 Things You Can Do With Your Electric Paint 10ml Tube

pressing light switch with new touch board box

Paint your own light switch with the Touch Board and Electric Paint

How to make a light switch with Electric Paint and your Touch Board

5 great ideas to get you started with your Starter Kit!

5 Projects to Make With your Starter Kit

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electric paint with brush

Electric Paint 50ml

$23.50 ex VAT

Paint or print circuits and sensors with electrically conductive paint.

Pi Cap on grey

Pi Cap

$35.50 ex VAT

Connect your Pi to the physical world.

touch board starter kit box

Touch Board Starter Kit

$124.00 ex VAT

Draw, paint and create. Three projects to get you started with the Touch Board.