Wall of Sound - An Interactive Sound Installation

Wall of Sound - An Interactive Sound Installation

Want to transform your house, office or classroom wall into a conductive sound wall? Get inspired by Fischer Appelt, a German-based creative agency, who transformed their wall into a sound installation with an interactive surface.

We noticed this cool project and wanted to know more.

What used to be an ordinary white wall at the Fischer Appelt agency is now exciting, stands out and creates a sense of togetherness - just a truly visual experience a la LIGALUX.

At first glance, it's a wall on which an oversized ghetto blaster was painstakingly painted with conductive paint, in a meticulously fine fashion.

On closer inspection, it is much more. The sound system actually works. Through a simple interaction with the touch points (disguised as a play or stop button or the volume control), music plays, stops, becomes louder or softer.

They've created interaction and function from an area that would not normally be active, turning a seemingly normal wall into an interactive display and unique experience.

Wall of Sound is powered by a Touch Board. The team programmed this microcomputer to play mp3 files or playlists from music streaming services.

These actions are triggered by touch sensors. For the painted artwork on the wall, they used Electric Paint. The paint is then connected to the capacitive electrodes of the Touch Board which trigger sound when touched.

Fischer Appelt combined design with technology, creating a visual experience a la LIGALUX, considering the power of sound design above all.

They managed to make the project both tactile and audible. At the same time, they were able to create a meeting place for employees, where they can experience their own music selection. 

The tracks can be determined by the staff through a music streaming service. And hardly a day goes by when the place stands still!

Images & Video: Fischer Appelt

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