Gravity - An Interactive Sculpture Installation

Gravity - An Interactive Sculpture Installation

You might remember the US-based artist, Detour, who creates interactive art shows by turning his paintings into instruments and collaborating with cool musicians? Well, he's back with another evolution to his work, this time he's exploring Gravity.

Using Electric Paint and the Pi Cap to add interactivity, Detour created a 3D sculpture installation for his recent group show in Denver Colorado. The group show, titled Nice work if you can get it revolves around the life and struggles of a full-time artist.

Deviating from his well known 2D body of work, he decided to create an interactive sculpture that talks about the pressures that weigh upon him on a daily basis while pursuing art as a career.To establish a literal connection between the audience and the sculpture, Detour built a sample podium that would house sample balls that were touchable.

Detour found that the best solution was to use a Pi Cap and a Raspberry Pi 3 computer in the installation. He hooked them up to a speaker and amplifier at first but eventually decided to use the headphones instead. This gave a more intimate feel to the visitors when listening to the audio files. The Pi Cap solution ended up being the best choice because he was able to utilise the wireless features of the Raspberry Pi and didn’t have to disturb the installation when changing the sounds. Through the same wireless network, he was able to make a remote connection to the Raspberry Pi from the comfort of his studio! This allowed him to change the audio file periodically to add a further variety to the piece. 

The sound is activated by placing a finger on a coloured ball. Each ball represented a different soundbite that formed part of a larger message seen on the adjacent podium. Check the video out to get the full scoop on the project from the artist himself.

Images and Video: Detour

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