Ellucian18 - An Interactive Mural for Ellucian Live

Ellucian18 - An Interactive Mural for Ellucian Live

Wall and Wall is a creative design studio in San Fransisco. They’ve created a range of interactive murals for various companies.

Their recent work was about the Ellucian Live, Ellucian’s annual customer, partner and employee conference. They wanted to have an interactive art installation, which would take users through their historic journey.

The team at Wall and Wall created a 560 sq.ft. pop-up space for Ellucian Live 2018, which brings guests into the story of Ellucian's past and shows the evolution of technology within higher education. Imagine a big interactive mural, where people can learn more about the company's journey.

While guests interacted with one wall which produced light and sounds from the 15 interactive touch points, the Wall and Wall team took submissions live to paint the second artwork on the wall.

They asked viewers to submit their passions, which could be selected by the artist, which in turn they would paint on the wall. Each frame includes illustrations from the Passion Submissions.

They created 15 interactive elements (12 sounds, 3 lights) over a 20' span freestanding wall. The Touch Board 's capacitive sensing allowed them to create interactivity.

They painted the drawing with Electric Paint, which was connected to the Touch Board. This way, the audience could interact with the wall by touching the trigger points. The point was to create an augmented reality artwork, where visitors could interact with the design and engage in the subject matter.

Of course, with such a large scale piece like the Ellucian Live, there are challenges that you need to overcome. The main challenge was to find a way to connect the wires to each 4'x8' panel in a way that would not get destroyed in transport.

The other challenge was conductivity. They found ways to add additional switches to the circuits, so the larger areas (which are usually less conductive) were sensitive to touch.

They ended up building a box to house all of the electronics and wires, which could be transported safely and reassembled with ease with their numbered system.

They also created multiple touch points on the larger interactive shapes and added additional linked touch points for shapes that spanned across 2 panels.