Winnie Chen - A Homemade Interactive Hallway Mural

Winnie Chen - A Homemade Interactive Hallway Mural

After moving into a new apartment while the world was in lockdown, artist and designer Winnie Chen decided to bring her 16ft empty hallway to life with an interactive mural.

"It was pretty depressing to work from home and to stare at a huge blank wall, so I decided to transform it into an interactive wall mural." 

After receiving the Touch Board from a friend, she wanted to explore what was possible with the hardware. Using her previous experience of designing exhibition spaces and working in product design, she decided to create an interactive project.  


The main inspiration came from looking at projects in the community and on Instagram. Winnie had a 16 feet long wall in her apartment that felt like a largely wasted space and made she wanted to do something with it. This huge white wall became the perfect canvas for experimentation."For the first time, I was able to create something for myself and make a design where I am my own client. It felt empowering and it got me excited for making something fun".

Winnie used Electric Paint and some BEHR wall paint samples that she picked up from the local paint shop. Other materials include copper wire for connecting electric paint to the board.

The project took around two months in total from coming up with the idea, exploring the design, and figuring the pieces including how to connect the board to the wall. The design didn't take long to create on illustrator, but the majority of time was spent on figuring out how to translate what's on a piece of 11x17 paper and map it to the wall that's 16 feet by 8 feet.

 Images and Video: Winnie Chen

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