5 Ways To Use The Light Up Board

5 Ways To Use The Light Up Board

The Light Up Board is a small round microcontroller, that has touch or proximity sensors and LED lights. The board is easy to use, doesn’t require any programming skills and is great for beginners, or for those who just want a simple and quick way to include light and touch to their project.Here are 5 ways you could use the Light Up Board.

 Touch Sensing

The electrodes on the Light Up Board can be used either for touch or proximity sensing. The touch sensing ability of the board is great when you want to create a simple project, where someone triggers the LEDs by touching the sensor. You can use the Electric Paint to connect to the sensors, or alternatively, you could use copper tape or crocodile clips.

Proximity Sensing

When the Light Up Board’s electrodes are set to detect proximity, you can change the brightness of the LEDs by approaching the sensor with your hand. This is also a great way to test your custom made sensors!

Touch Board Introduction

The Light Up Board functions in a similar, but simpler, way to our Touch Board. This makes it a great introduction to the Touch Board. If you only need lights that are triggered by touch, or you just want to give capacitive sensors a try before your purchase a Touch Board, then the Light Up Board is the perfect choice!

Paper Lamps

The Light Up Board was originally designed as part of the Electric Paint Lamp Kit, which allows you to create paper lamps. The shape of the Light Up Board was designed to be twisted securely onto paper. Of course, you can make different lamps to the ones that are supplied with the kit. We provide plenty of tutorials on our website that show you how.


If you don’t want to attach the Light Up Board to paper, then how about including it in your clothing? You can use conductive thread, or Electric Paint, to add the Light Up Board to textiles. This is a great way to quickly add lighting to your costumes!