Light Up Board

Add light to your capacitive sensing projects with the Light Up Board

The Light Up Board is a small circular PCB with LEDs that can be easily integrated into paper, card or plastic with a lock and twist mechanism. It has 6 capacitive electrodes that can be used as either touch or proximity light switches. 


Create 3 lamps with the Light Up Board

Create three unique lamps with the Electric Paint Lamp Kit.

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Capacitive sensing and light

The Light Up Board is a great introduction to capacitive sensing using light as an output. Use it with Electric Paint, to explore printed sensors and how they can be used to manipulate LEDs.

Powered with a micro USB cable, The Light Up Board doesn’t require any programming and works straight out of the box. Paint your sensors with Electric Paint, plug the board in and turn touch into light.

6 different light modes

The Light Up Board has 6 different light modes, which you can access by connecting the electrodes together:

  • Touch
  • Dimmer
  • Proximity
  • Dice
  • Candle
  • Spin

Technical Information

The Light Up Board is a touch-controlled, dimmable LED light on a 0.8mm thin circular PCB. It has six white LEDs and six gold-plated sensor electrodes, allowing you to choose between touch, dimmer or proximity interaction modes and no computer programming is required. The Light Up Board uses the same MPR121 capacitive sensing chip as the Touch Board but it is even easier to use. Whether demoing a lighting control concept or prototyping a design for an interactive lamp, the Light Up Board is easy to use and is simple to integrate. Use our patent-pending twist and lock method to attach the board to card or plastic or stick it to your project using an adhesive.

The Light Up Board also features a realistic candle light, spin and dice mode. To expand your creative possibilities even further, combine the Light Up Board with Electric Paint and other conductive materials. The Light Up Board is Micro-USB-powered so you can use it with most phone chargers or power banks.

For full technical specifications, please refer to the Technical Data Sheet.

Download Technical Data Sheet
  • Microcontroller Microchip ATmega88
  • Touch IC Resurgent Semiconductor MPR121
  • Input voltage 4.40V DC – 5.25V DC via MicroUSB connector
  • Current Consumption 200mA max (protected by 350mA PTC resettable fuse)
  • Operating voltage 3.3V DC
  • Capacitive touch electrodes 6
  • Flash memory 8kB
  • SRAM 1kB
  • EEPROM 512B
  • Clock speed 8MHz