4 Bare Conductive Christmas Projects

Discover 4 fun Christmas Bare Conductive projects to do this holiday

Hand playing Bare Conductive MIDI controller

We have created 4 easy Christmas projects for you to try out this season. You can either use the Touch Board, Pi Cap, Electric Paint Lamp Kit or Electric Paint Circuit Kit to do one of these projects and use them for Christmas decorations. We hope that you get inspired and we’d love to see your Christmas projects, so please feel free to share them with us, using #StayOffline. Enjoy your holiday season!

Step 1 Touch Board

When you are creating the MIDI Piano, why not frame your piano with some nice wrapping paper? First, attach the piano from the Printed Instrument Sensors to a bigger sheet covered with wrapping paper. Then, set your Touch Board into MIDI mode, attach it to the sensor and play “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”! Find out about how to make a MIDI piano with the Touch Board.

Step 2 Pi Cap

The Pi Cap has polyphonic playback so you can remix your favourite Christmas carols by adding sound effects to them this holiday. All you need is a Raspberry Pi, a Pi Cap and some Electric Paint. In this example, we have sleigh bells in the background, then add a layer of piano and finally some laughter. Find out how to change the tracks on the Pi Cap.

Step 3 Electric Paint Circuit Kit

Make some ornaments this season, by designing your own gingerbread houses for the Electric Paint Circuit Kit. Simply create the houses in brown and colour them white to create a gingerbread city. Find out how to build the Electric Paint Circuit Kit and add some gingerbread decorations and lights to your place!

Step 4 Electric Paint Lamp Kit

Wrapping paper is a great way to quickly decorate your Electric Paint Lamp Kit lamps and create your own Christmas lights this holiday. Find out how to customise your Electric Paint Lamp Kit and recycle the used wrapping paper from presents to make your own Christmas ornaments.