4 Ways to create Bare Conductive Christmas projects

Learn 4 new Bare Conductive Christmas projects

Bare Conductive light up board artwork

We have created 4 easy Christmas themed projects, using either the Electric Paint, Light Up Board or Touch Board, that will inspire you to come up with some festive projects of your own!

Step 1 Electric Paint

How about adding some lights to your Electric Paint drawing with LEDs and a battery? To find out more, head over to our How to use Electric Paint with LEDs tutorial.

Step 2 Electric Paint Lamp Kit

The Electric Paint Lamp Kit gives you plenty of room to easily customise your lamps and lampshades. Why not cut small snowflakes into the shade of your Touch Lamp? For a step-by-step on how to customise the Electric Paint Lamp kit, have a look our 5 ways to customise your Electric Paint Lamp Kit tutorial.

Step 3 Light Up Board

The benefit of the Light Up Board is that you can easily attach it to paper, so you can integrate the board to light up your artwork. We created a Christmas bauble that lights up when touched, using the How to cut your own Electric Paint Lamp Kit templates tutorial.

Bare Conductive light up board artwork

Step 4 Touch Board

Why not sound to your drawings with the Touch Board? We painted the horses in the carousel with Electric Paint, making them switches for the Touch Board. Each plays a different festive tune when touched. All you need for this simple project is Electric Paint, the Touch Board and our How to cold solder tutorial.

If you’ve got more Christmassy ideas, share them with us: info@bareconductive.com or using #Bareconductive on our social channels!