5 Ways to Use the Touch Board Pro Kit

Learn 5 Ways to Use the Touch Board Pro Kit

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Whether you want to develop your ideas or just need to test your ideas with the Proto Shield, the Touch Board Pro Kit contains everything you need. Inside the Touch Board Pro Kit, you can find the Touch Board, Electric Paint, the Proto Shield, Printed Sensors and more! In this tutorial, we highlight 5 components of the kit and how they can be used. 

Step 1 Prototyping

The Proto Shield makes it easy to connect to your Electric Paint sensors, no matter what your project format. The shield features screw terminals for wired connections, a convenient ground plane for using shielded cables and a prototyping area. Additionally, all of the analogue and digital pins on the Touch Board are brought up to the shield for your project. See how to assemble it with the Touch Board.

proto shield on touch board

Step 2 Proximity Sensors

Printed Sensors are screen printed with Electric Paint and coated with a clear seal to prevent the paint from smudging. They are a great way to make touch and distance sensors straight out of the box, without the need for painting, drying or getting too messy with Electric Paint. The pattern on the sensors is ideal for proximity sensing, so you can quickly start testing your proximity project.

Step 3 Long Distance Sensors

Our Electric Paint is ideal to use with the Touch Board’s capacitive sensors, as it allows you to create low-cost sensors or interesting sensor designs. However, if you’re short on time and don’t have 15 minutes for the paint to dry, or you need to create long-distance sensors, then copper tape is a great alternative. With a low resistance, you can quickly stick the tape to the board’s sensors.

touch board, copper tape, capacity sensor, capacity sensing

Step 4 Electric Paint Screen Printing

The jar of Electric Paint is ideal for screen printing. Screen printing is a simple method you can use to apply an even and thin layer of Electric Paint onto a flat surface. This is a great way to create multiple copies of the same image or get highly precise and finished graphics.

Bare Conductive Electric Paint Jar screen print a piano on paper

Step 5 Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is a powerful way to create an interactive display and the Touch Board Pro Kit contains everything you need to create it. You can use the Electric Paint to paint your interfaces and the Touch Board to send data to your projection mapping software. The copper tape and crocodile clips are useful to connect the paint to the board.

interactive mural with projection mapping