How the Fesers made a Noisy Farmyard Poster!

A beautiful weekend project made with a Touch Board straight out of the box...

We were delighted when Michael Feser sent in this video of his daughter and the Touch Board. They decided to make an interactive farmyard scene by stencilling Electric Paint animal shapes (to become sensors) and connecting them to the Touch Board electrodes via crocodile clips. When the little girl places her finger on an animal it triggers the MP3s on the Touch Board SD card to sound!


Materials To begin you will need:

1 x Touch Board
1 x Mini SD Card
1 x Speaker
1 x LiPo Battery
Crocodile Clips
1 x Electric Paint 50ml
1 x Paintbrush

This project was made with a Touch Board straight from the box- no programming required! You just need to paint your sensors with Electric Paint (or use anything else conductive to make an image) then connect them via crocodile clip to the 12 electrodes of the board. Upload some mps and you have it! If you want to know more about getting started with your Touch Board why not check out our tutorials?

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