How to use Bluetooth speakers with the Touch Board

Find out how to use Bluetooth speakers with the Touch Board

Touch Board Bluetooth speakers

You can use any standard speakers that use a AUX connection with the Touch Board, but if you want to use wireless speakers you might want to consider using Bluetooth speakers. It’s quite straightforward, all you need to do is connect a Bluetooth transmitter to the Touch Board and pair it with the Bluetooth speakers.

Materials To begin you will need:

Touch Board
Bluetooth transmitter
Bluetooth speakers

Step 1 Setting up the Touch Board

Before you get started, you first need set up the Touch Board. You can do this by following the Touch Board set-up tutorial.

We are going to use the “Touch_MP3.ino” sketch. Open the sketch in File->Sketchbook->Touch Board Examples in the Arduino IDE and then upload it to your Touch Board. Also, make sure that the SD card contains the tracks that you want to use. Have a look at the changing the MP3s on the Micro SD card tutorial.

Step 2 Connect the transmitter and pair with the speakers

For this tutorial, we are using the BTT005 transmitter, but you can use any Bluetooth transmitter that has an AUX connection. When you have uploaded the code to the board, connect the Bluetooth transmitter and turn it into pairing mode. Turn on Bluetooth speakers and make sure they are in pairing mode too. Depending on your devices, the transmitter and the speakers should pair up with each other. If they don’t, refer to the device’s instructions.

Touch Board Bluetooth speakers

Step 3 Touch the electrodes

When you now touch the electrodes, it should play the sound on your Bluetooth speakers! Easy!

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If you have any problems with the Touch Board, have a look at our Touch Board Troubleshooting Guide.

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