How to cut your own Electric Paint Lamp Kit templates

Find out how to cut your own Electric Paint Lamp Kit templates

In this step by step tutorial, we will show you how to cut your own Electric Paint Lamp Kit templates. This will come in handy if you’ve damaged the templates in your Electric Paint Lamp Kit, or if you would like to create your own customised templates. We’ve used the Touch Lamp as an example, but you can also apply this method to the Dimmer and Proximity Lamps.

Materials To begin you will need:

Light Up Board
EPLK template
cutting board

Step 1 Cut out a new base

Firstly, make sure the paper for your new template is thick enough. For example, we used 160gsm. Place your old pre-cut template on the sheet of paper, then cut along the edges of your old template. A metal ruler might help you ensure the lines are straight.

Step 2 Cut the tabs

First, make sure the old and new templates are aligned before cutting the tabs. Then, carefully cut through the traces of the pre-cut tabs in the old paper. Don’t forget to also cut the tabs for the lampshade at the bottom and top!

Step 3 Draw outlines for Electric Paint

Using the Touch Lamp shade, draw the touch button with a pencil.

Next, attach the Light Up Board and mark where the hole positions of electrodes E0, E9, and E10. Finally, with the pencil and a marker, draw the outlines of where you are going to apply the Electric Paint.

And that’s it! In three steps, you can recreate the pre-cut templates found in the Electric Paint Lamp Kit.

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