Dark Diamond Mining with Electric Paint

Experimentations with Electric Paint and crystals.

Dark diamond mining with Electric Paint

The team at  EJ Tech continues to impress us with the way they use our products in their projects. You might remember them from their mind-blowing flexible MIDI controller, and their Electric Paint Puff Sensor.
At their latest project, they’ve been experimenting with dark diamonds and Electric Paint. By mixing Electric Paint with Borax they have created conductive diamonds that can be turned into sensors which can be connected to a microcontroller such as the Touch Board.

If you’re planning on doing some material experiments of your own, don’t forget that mixing Electric Paint with another material will decrease its conductivity. Check this tutorial to see how adding water changes the performance.

Materials To begin you will need:

1 x Electric Paint 50ml Jar
Boiling Water
Borax or Alum
Fishing Line
Wooden Stick
Pipe Cleaner

Materials for making dark diamonds

Step 1

Boil 200mg water and add 100g of borax or alum.

Stir till the solution is super saturated or when you see that the powder is no longer dissolved in water.


Step 2

Add 1 – 2 teaspoons of Electric Paint and stir.

Crystals form bigger when it cools down slower.

Step 3

Roll the pipe cleaner into the desired shape.

Pipe cleaner

Step 4

Tie fishing line to the pipe cleaner and hang from a pen or wooden stick. Dip it into the solution. Cover with saran wrap.

Wait 12 hours.

Fishing line electric paint

Step 5

After 12 hours, take out the crystal, reheat the solution and add more borax (3 to 4 tablespoons.)

Step 6

Wait for the solution to cool down before putting the crystal back in, if you do not you may re-dissolve your crystal! 

Wait another 12 hours and take the crystal out.

You may need to continue this 12 hour cycle and replenishing the borax depending on how big you would like your crystal to grow.

Dark diamonds mining

Step 7

Check out the video to see the result in action.

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