cup of water leaking with electric paint

How to detect leaks with Electric Paint

Receive a text message and get notified about any leaks by using the Electric Paint

We recently introduced you to Brian Carbonette’s light switch dimmer project here. Well, his team came up with another cool project: a water leak detection system. The project uses the anduinoWiFi shield again and combined with the Electric Paint, it is able to send you a text message when a water leak occurs.

We just wanted to give a quick oversight of their project, to read the full project, have a look here.


To begin you will need:

1x Electric Paint 50ml
1x anduinoWiFi
1x Arduino Due

Step 1


The team used the Touch Board last time, but this time they only needed the Electric Paint, an Arduino Due and the anduinoWiFi shield. To detect a leak the idea is as follows: The 5V and GND pins of the anduino WiFi shield are connected across a strip of Electric Paint. An additional connection is made between an analogue pin of the shield and the paint. In this scenario, the paint is acting as a switch and the analogue pin is monitoring the voltage across the paint. When a leak occurs, it will wash away the paint, resulting in a voltage drop that is detected by the analogue pin. Pretty neat, huh?

Step 2


Once the hardware is all set up it’s time for the next step. In order to receive text messages to get notified, you need to setup a bit of software. The first one is Twilio to send you text messages, then Zapier to connect all the different cloud accounts together and lastly, you need an account on, to which the Arduino will communicate directly.

To read the full instructions and see test results head over the Hackster tutorial here.



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