How to create a Dimmer Switch

Find out how to create a dimmer switch with the Touch Board and the anduinoWiFi

What to do you do when you have Bare Conductive paint and Philips Hue lightbulbs laying around? You paint a dimmer switch on your wall using conductive paint!

This project was created by Brian Carbonette, using three different boards. This is engineering to the max! We love this project and wanted to give a quick oversight of it on our website. For the full tutorial, please have a look at Brian’s post on Hackster here.


To begin you will need:

1x Touch Board
1x Electric Paint 50ml
1x anduinoWiFi
1x SparkFun SparkFun Logic Level Converter - Bi-Directional
1x Arduino Due

soldering equipment

Step 1


Brian’s aim was to create a light switch dimmer, designed with Electric Paint, to change the brightness of Philips Hue Lights. In total, three boards are used: The Touch Board to register touch events and a combination of the anduinoWiFi Due and Arduino Due to send the touch events to the Philips Hue Lights bridge. The Arduino Due and Touch Board communicate over serial UART; this communication requires a logic level converter as the Touch Board and Arduino Due are a 3V3 and 5V system respectively.


Step 2

It's time to paint!

Once the hardware was set up and the code uploaded, Brian started to paint his light switch. He connected 6 traces to electrodes 0 to 5 and after successfully prototyping the project on card stock, he transferred the light switch to the wall. Now he can change the brightness of the light in his office with a stroke of his finger!

To get the full instructions of the project, including the necessary code, head over to Hackster here. Thank you very much, Brian, for sending this, we can’t wait to see what else you are going to make!




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