DOTs Board + Electric Paint

Control a Minecraft game with Electric Paint and the DOTs Board!

computer with graphic on screen connected to Dots board

The Pi Hut, Raspberry Pi and Bare Conductive have come together to produce the DOTs Board. This board combines physical making, computing and games through a fun activity that is appropriate for both kids and adults. A way to turn a bit of Electric Paint into a Minecraft adventure! Use Electric Paint to connect the dots and bring your drawing to life!

Visit the Raspberry Pi website for instructions on installing the software for this game, and pick up a board from The Pi Hut.

Attach your DOTs Board

Attach your DOTs Board to the GPIO pins on your Raspberry Pi. This is the double row of pins on the top edge of the board. Make sure to line up the pins on your Raspberry Pi with the socket on the DOTs Board. Be careful not to bend the pins. Remember, line up and then push gently!

hands pushing dots board onto raspberry pi

Connect the Dots

Now the fun begins. The DOTs Board is a dot to dot game. Using either an Electric Paint tube or brush start drawing from dot one to dot two. Connect all 23 dots and you’ll have an aeroplane!

Choose your Colour

Your plane is looking pretty cool, but it is still a blank canvas. Give it a colour by filling in one of the dots along the top row. You’ve got four colours to choose from. Want to take it a bit further? Try adding more colours or filling in the secret dots in the cloud and in the bear …

Using Electric Paint tube to finish line on Dots board

Connect and Fly

Open up Minecraft Pi and create a new world. Open Terminal and type: sudo rpi_dots_minecraft Press enter and you should see your airplane and a golden cube. Swipe at the cube and your airplane should take off. Use the controls to fly around and explore your world! If you forgot to add a wing or didn’t complete the dot to dot, make the necessary repairs with Electric Paint and restart the program. Enjoy your new career as a Minecraft Pi pilot!

Graphic of aeroplane in the pi minecraft program

Clean the Board

Want to have a second go? No problem, cleaning your DOTs Board is easy. First, remove your board from your Raspberry Pi. Second, use warm soapy water or a wet wipe to clean off the Electric Paint. Make sure to scrub it clean and get all of the residue out of the holes. Once your DOTs Board is dry, you’re ready to start again.

wiping the dots board with a wet wipe

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