Electric Paint Light-up Cosplay Sword

Discover how hot make an Electric Paint light-up cosplay sword

This sword was made with LEDs and Electric Paint

AmiedoubleD, the creator of the interactive LEGO wall, is back and created a cosplay sword, using LEDs and Electric Paint. She said the idea behind it came from fans, asking how to add LEDs without using a soldering iron. We love the simplicity and idea behind this cool sword!

Materials To begin you will need:

5mm LEDS
Electric Paint
Copper Tape
Coin Cell Battery CR2032
Coin Cell Battery Holder with On/Off Switch
E6000 Clear Craft Adhesive or Hot Glue Gun
(Optional) Name Tag Magnet or Velcro so you can easily remove the cover to change the coin cell battery
Acrylic or Foam for Sword

Step 1

Amie downloaded one of Punished Props free blueprint designs, the Monnado Sword from Xenoblade and modified the file to add holes for LEDs and a cover for a coin cell battery.

She also added 5 holes for 5mm LEDs and engraved paths for the copper tape, Electric Paint, and cell coin battery.

Step 2

All of the pieces for the sword were cut with a Glowforge Pro laser cutter. Amie used blue, neon pink and black acrylic. Her tip: If you don’t have access to a laser cutter, you can still download the files, print them out and use them as a template for foam, cardboard or worbla.

Step 3

Before implementing the LEDs into the sword, she recommends testing each on a battery first. You can take the negative cathode (the shorter leg on the LED) to the negative side of the coin cell battery, and then the positive anode (the longer leg on the LED) to the positive side of the coin cell battery. The LED should light up!

With all the LEDs tested, you can add them to the sword. Make sure all the LEDs have their positive side connected to the positive voltage rail.

Finally, add a magnet to the cover of the sword, in order to be able to remove the cover to change the coin cell battery.

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