Enter the Void by Christian Witternigg

A touch-controlled installation

Enter the Void is an interactive installation showcased at the exhibition 6°GDC at Chelsea College of Arts, London. It explores the idea of manipulating the physical environment through movement harnessing the conductive properties of the human body. A touch sensor, made from a standard art canvas coated with Electric Paint, controls the digital projection and sound. An Arduino board measures the body’s capacitance and sends the incoming values to a Processing sketch which translates it into shapes and sound. The resulting piece heightens the user’s awareness of the inherent relationship between human occupation and its cause and affect on our surrounding environment.

Created by Christian Michael Witternigg (http://jupiterfarms.at).

Materials To begin you will need:

Art canvas
Paint brush
Electric Paint
10 megohm resistor

Step 1

Coat a standard art canvas with Bare Conductive’s Electric Paint. This will be your touch sensor!

Step 2

Install the Capacitive Sensing Library for your Arduino and build the circuit according to the instructions on the same page.

Step 3

Attach one wire to the canvas and connect it to your Arduino board.

Step 4

Use a programming language like Processing to generate lines, shapes, sound, or whatever else you like.

Step 5

Establish a serial connection with your computer.

Step 6

Map the incoming values from you brand-new touch sensor to control your objects in your programme. Enjoy!

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