Guide to Cable Management

Follow this guide to cable management and keep your Interactive Wall Kit installations tidy

The Interactive Wall Kit comes with 12 x 5m long shielded cables. This allows you to create very large installations, but such long cables can easily form “cable spaghetti” and make any troubleshooting difficult. This guide to cable management will help you keep an overview of your installation and reduce any problems.

Label the Electrode Pads

The Electrode Pads have a small, white segment in the bottom left corner. Here is where you can label the number of its correspnding electrode on the Touch Board – the one which the pad is connected to. Write on the label with a marker that can be wiped off, so that you can reuse the Electrode Pads for any future installations.

Use the cable management clips

The kit also includes 50 cable managment clips, which allow you to attach the shielded cables to the wall and prevent them from crossing each other too much behind the wall. The ideal set-up is where the shielded cable runs in a 90º angle from the Touch Board to the Electrode Pad.

Coil the cables up

If the cables are too long you can coil them up to prevent them from slacking too much. It’s best to coil them up close to the Electrode Pad, instead of the Touch Board. Simply use the twist tie that comes with the shielded cable, or alternatively you can source some easy to find cable ties.

Mark the cables

The Interactive Wall Kit also includes a cable marker set. You can use this set to mark the cables with the number of the electrode the Electrode Pad is connected to.

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