How far does a jar of Electric Paint go?

Find out how far you can get with a jar of Electric Paint!

rectangles of electric paint

We wanted to find out exactly how much paint you can get out of a jar of Electric Paint, so we went ahead and used one up to find out. This tutorial will show you exactly how we came to our conclusion so you know what to expect when you’re using Electric Paint.

How much paint you can get out of your jar will depend on the tools you’re using so these examples will not cover all use cases, but it should give you a good idea of how far 50ml will go.

Step 1 Mask the frame

The first step when screen printing is choosing the layout and size of your screen. We decided that a good area to screen print would be 0.4 x 0.25m, so that we could quickly add up the total coverage in square meters. We measured this area and marked it with masking tape.

Step 2 Printing

We set up our screen with an A3 sized paper to print a solid block of Electric Paint onto. We then screen printed repeatedly until our jar ran out of paint.

Step 3 Results

After squeezing out every drop possible, we managed to print eight 0.4 x 0.25m sheets of Electric Paint. This means that with one jar of Electric Paint you can get 0.8m², or just about a square meter. That’s quite a lot!

rectangles of electric paint

Step 4 Using the brush instead of screen printing

We also wanted to find out how much area we would cover if we painted instead of screen printing. Using a brush means  more paint is applied, resulting in thicker squares and therefore in less area in total. Using a brush, we got a little more than 3 squares, the total area was 0.35m².

materials to paint rectangle with electric paint

Step 5 Conclusions?

As you can see from this tutorial, different application methods will lead to different coverage so your jar of Electric Paint may go further or not depending on how thickly you’re applying it, and what tools you’re using.


rectangles of electric paint

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