How far does a tube of Electric Paint go?

Find out how far you can get with a tube of Electric Paint

lines of electric paint

We wanted to find out exactly how much paint you can get out of a tube of Electric Paint, so we went ahead and used one up to find out. This tutorial will show you exactly how we came to our conclusion so you know what to expect when you’re using Electric Paint.

How much paint you can get out of your tube will depend on how thick you are drawing your traces so you may get more or less than we have in our tests. You should not take this example as a rule, but it should give you a good idea of how far 10ml will go.

Step 1 Drawing out the measurements

We started with drawing multiple lines of 20cm across a white sheet of paper.

drawn lines

Step 2 Paint the line

Next, we carefully traced a line with Electric Paint.

line of electric paint

Step 3 Repeat with other lines

We repeated the above step with all the remaining lines until we couldn’t squeeze any more paint out of our tube.

lines of electric paint

Step 4 Results

In the end we managed to squeeze 25 lines of 20cm. Therefore we concluded that you can draw up to 500cm with a tube of Electric Paint. We repeated this experiment a few times and sometimes we got less and sometimes more, so we would say that the amount varies between ±10% depending on how thickly the paint is applied.

lines of electric paint

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