How to clean the electrodes

Learn how to clean the electrodes on your board

clean your board's electrodes

You might have used your Touch Board, Pi Cap or Light Up Board with some Electric Paint, but now you want to clean it. This is really simple and safe to do and all you need are some baby wipes and toothpicks. This tutorial will guide you on how to clean your board in 3 simple steps.

Step 1 Chip away any dry paint

First of all, make sure your board is turned off and not plugged into any power source. The paint on your board should be completely dry unless you applied Electric Paint recently. If the paint is still wet, just skip to Step 2.

Any dried up paint can be simply chipped away with fingernails or with a toothpick.

Step 2 Wipe with baby wipes

You can wipe away any wet paint or paint that you couldn’t chip away in the previous step. Depending on how much paint there is, you need to go over the surface multiple times. This should remove the majority of the paint, but you might have some paint left inside the sensors. Move on to Step 3!

Step 3 Clean the electrodes from the inside

If you want your board to look like new, we recommend you take a baby wipe and toothpick and clean the inside of the sensors. Hold the baby wipe over the sensor and push it through the sensor with the toothpick. Repeat this process with each sensor until your board looks like new!

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