How to extend your Electric Paint Circuit Kit

Learn how to extend your Electric Paint Circuit Kit

Battery powering LEDs on an electric paint circuit kit

The Electric Paint Circuit Kit comes with 5 LEDs and some Electric Paint. But if you want to extend your city, you can use LEDs from Chibitronics or LilyPad LEDs.

Step 1 Design your circuit

On a piece of card, draw your circuit. Similar to the circuit from your Electric Paint Circuit Kit, you need to create a positive rail and negative rail for the battery and the LEDs. If you want the circuit to have a neat look, we recommend outlining the circuit with a black marker. If you would like, you can download the one we have already designed for you.

Step 2 Paint your circuit

With the Electric Paint, paint your circuit. You get the best results if you apply the paint at a 90º angle.

Step 3 Cold solder the LEDs

When the paint has dried, place the LEDs that you want to use on your circuit, making sure that the negative and positive sides are correctly placed. Then, with the Electric Paint tube, apply a little bit of paint between the LED and the circuit. Repeat this with the other LEDs.

Step 4 Make your buildings

You can also make little houses to place on top of the LEDs. You can find plenty of paper house templates that you can download for free online. Make sure to cut out some windows for the lights to shine through.

You can make also make a casing for the battery by using the one from the Circuit Kit as a template. Place it on some card, mark it, and cut it out.

Step 5 Add the battery

Once the LEDs have all been applied to the circuit and the paint has dried, place the battery on your circuit. All the LEDs should now light up! If it doesn’t light up, have a look at the paint. Does it appear cracked or incomplete anywhere? If yes, apply some more paint to it.

If your circuit is working as expected, place the houses over the LEDs to complete your small city.

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