How to make a sound triggered pumpkin for Halloween

Explore how to make a sound-triggered pumpkin for Halloween

The Touch Board is a great tool to turn objects into MP3 players. For Halloween, we’ll show you how to turn a pumpkin come alive, playing sounds or sound effects when you touch the pumpkin. You can even use it as an alarm! We pierce nails through the pumpkin so the Touch Board can be connected from the inside, then we cover the nails by painting a face with Electric Paint. The paint and the pumpkin become a sensor, so when you touch the pumpkin, it plays your sound. This is a great project for the Touch Board Starter Kit, as it contains all the materials you need.

Step 1 Paint the pumpkin

With the pumpkin carved out, draw the outlines of the face of the pumpkin with a pen. On the rear side of the pumpkin, cut a small hole, which we are going to use to run the USB cable for the Touch Board through. Then, stick one or more nails through the pumpkin. You want the nails to go through where you are going to apply the Electric Paint. The nails are going to be our connection from the front to the inside of the pumpkin.

Paint the face with Electric Paint, covering the nails with paint too. If you find that the pumpkin is too waxy, apply a second layer of Electric Paint.

Step 2 Upload your tracks to the Touch Board

While the paint is drying, you can upload your MP3 file to the Touch Board. When you have your MP3 file ready, remove the SD card from the Touch Board and insert the card with the card reader into your computer. On your computer, find the MP3 file that you want to use on the Touch Board. The name of the track requires to be TRACK0XX.mp3, where the XX is the corresponding electrode. For example, TRACK000.mp3 is played when electrode E0 is triggered, TRACK003.mp3 for electrode E3 and so on, up to TRACK011.mp3. We’re going to use electrode 11, so we created TRACK011.mp3.

Once you have uploaded the track, remove the SD card from your computer and insert back into your Touch Board.

If you want to have a detailed tutorial on how to upload your own MP3 tracks, check out the “How to change MP3 on the SD card” tutorial.

Step 3 Connect the paint to the Touch Board

Inside the pumpkin, you can use a crocodile clip to connect one of the nails to the Touch Board.

Step 4 Touch the pumpkin

Connect the other end of the clip to electrode E11. Turn on your speakers and plug them into the Touch Board. Next, power on your device. Try touching the pumpkin, it should play your sound!

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