Light Up Board Mushroom Lamp

Discover the Light Up Board Mushroom Lamp

In this post, we want to showcase a rather unique project from our one of our community members: Christopher Sweeney created a lampshade for the Light Up Board, using mushroom mycelium! All he used was Electric Paint, the Light Up Board, mycelium and a 3D printer. Read below to find out how.

Step 1 3D print the parts

The first step was printing all the necessary parts of the lamp base. All the parts were made with the Ultimaker 3 and had to be compatible with the mycelium. Buttons for the Light Up Board were made with conductive 3D printing filament.

Chris then inserted the Light Up Board into the lamp base and cold soldered the buttons with Electric Paint.

Step 2 Grow the mycelium

Chris sourced the mycelium from Evocative, who also provide the instructions on how to grow it. Mycelium takes about a week to grow.

Once the lampshade was fully grown, he glued it to the base of the lamp.

Step 3 Light it up

With everything securely assembled and the Light Up Board connected to power, the lamp turned on by touching the buttons to light up the board!

Thank you, Chris, for sending us your project! If you want us to feature your project, email us at or contact us via Twitter or Instagram.

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