How to get polyphonic playback with the Touch Board

Find out how to get polyphonic tracks with the Touch Board

Touch Board polyphonic tracks

The Touch Board is a great stand-alone MP3 player. But if you are planning on mixing your songs, you need the help of the Soundplant application, which has polyphonic playback. You can download Soundplant from the Soundplant website. So, in this tutorial, we are going to show you how to get polyphonic playback with the Touch Board and Soundplant.

Step 1 Set up the Touch Board

If you haven’t set up the Touch Board before, do so now by following the Touch Board set-up tutorial.

We are going to uses the HID_Keyboard sketch, which you can find the Sketchbook folder. Upload the sketch to your Touch Board.

Step 2 Set up Soundplant 45

Open the Soundplant 45 application. You can simply drag and drop your tracks from the folder to the keys in Soundplant 45. For now, drag your first three tracks to the letters J, U, H. Test that it works as expected by pressing the keys on your keyboard.

Step 3

With the Touch Board connected to your computer and the Soundplant 45 application running, try touching the first 3 electrodes simultaneously. It should play all three tracks at the same time!

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Touch Board polyphonic tracks

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