Quick Comparison Board Guide

What's the difference between the Touch Board, Makey Makey and Raspberry Pi?

graphic of microcontrollers on a coloured background

The Touch Board sits in a world of other great tools that make it fun and easy to produce digitally connected projects. Making an apple sing or tweeting images from a birdhouse are things that are totally possible to master from your own home, but which bit of kit is best for which job, and what’s the difference anyway?

We created this resource to cross examine the Touch Board with the Makey Makey and Raspberry Pi, the boards we’re most frequently asked about. Hopefully it will help define which you might pick up for a certain project, and when you might need something a bit simpler or more powerful. The categories include what you can do with the each boards straight out of the box, the basic functionalities and systems it works with plus details like how you power it up.

Any categories or details missing? Let us know if you find this helpful, or you think we could improve it to answer your questions. Tweet us @bareconductive or drop a line on info@bareconductive.com to share your view!

Download the PDF. (486 KB)

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