Download the Resource Guide

Download this interactive PDF to find all the resources you need for your project

Whether you’re downloading the Resource Guide as part of your Touch Board Pro Kit, or just browsing to find what information is available already, this interactive PDF will make getting started easy.

The guide includes links to our most popular resources. From theory, to techniques, step-by-step tutorials, or downloadable files, the Resource Guide has everything you need to make a project using the Touch Board and Electric Paint.

Haven’t heard of the Touch Board Pro Kit? Check it out today. This kit comes packed with all the essentials to prototype your next project whether you’re a programming pro or a beginner at electronics.

Developed with professional designers, engineers and artists in mind, this kit will make prototyping your next interactive project a breeze.

Resource Guide

Use the Resource Guide to access tips, techniques, and tutorials for using Electric Paint and the Touch Board on your next project.

Download PDF (9.7MB)