TACTO the ‘Sound Table’

An interactive table that translates actions into sound

group touching painted sensors on table

TACTO is an interactive table that translates actions and gestures into sound. It utilises Electric Paint and Arduino to produce sensors on the surface of the table, and was designed with public events and installations in mind. TACTO can be customised by its creators, the Officine Tesla team, for a range of different locations and needs. Check out the great photos and video of one public event below and look out for further iterations to this awesome project! 

Photos: Jacopo Cerati

The team applied Electric Paint to the table to create sensors spanning across the surface. There was some fine detail on the design so quite a lot of manual work went into get the pattern just perfect! Notice how the sensors are not painted in large blocks but have a lot of space between lines. For more information on why this works better, see the Sensor Design: Basic Rules of Thumb tutorial.

two men painting black conductive paint onto a table

The speaker was placed in the middle of the table, so sounds could be heard when participants touched the sensors. This also concealed the technology from view, including the Arduinos working with capacitive touch sensing.

Watch the video to see how participants interacted with the table!

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