Touch Board Workshop Manual

Super power your workshops with this free guide. Definitions, tips and tricks for running your workshop.

Update 2020: We have replaced the Touch Board Workshop Pack with the Interactive Workshop Pack.

The Touch Board Workshop Manual was designed to help you organise and run a workshop with Electric Paint and the Touch Board, right from the initial planning to executing and clearing up. Read this manual and feel confident enough to host your own activity, with a cool theme or learning outcome of your choice. This resource is totally free, so there is absolutely barrier between you and the download button!

Check out the Touch Board Workshop Pack for all the tools you need to run a workshop with this manual.

5 x Touch Board
5 x Electric Piant 50ml Jar
5 x Electric Pinat 10ml Tube
5 x MicroSD card
5 x MicroSD card reader
5 x Micro USB cable
5 x Universal USB plug
60 x Alligator clips

Download the PDF (3.2 MB)

You are very close to running a super smooth workshop with the Touch Board and Electric Paint.
Download the PDF

Touch Board


Read the Definitions section of the manual to understand the basic electronics underlying the Touch Board and Electric Paint.

graphic showing capacitive sensing

Equipment and Setup

The Equipment and Setup gives you tips on planning and documenting your activity. Prep everything from how much paint you will need to project themes and space allocation.

Lesson Plans

Four suggested lesson plans to help you structure your workshop to the time you have available. Check out this section for ideas for how best to use your time so participants can get the most of out of the tools they are experimenting with.


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