Touch Board Basic Projects

Kickstart your workshop. Three complete basic project lesson plans with templates and instructions.

Touch Board on grey background with white graphics

Update 2020: We have replaced the Touch Board Workshop Pack with the Interactive Workshop Pack.

This document comes with three complete project-driven lesson plans using Electric Paint and the Touch Board. Create Musical Objects, Game Controllers and MIDI Pianos. Each project is designed for use by the workshop leader, and comes complete with a Lesson Prep outline, materials list, downloadable templates, video and step-by-step instructions. Use these projects as they are, bulk them up with the Workshop Manual resources, or customise the templates to suit your own theme. If you’ve never used the Touch Board or Electric Paint before, this is the place to get going.

Check out the Touch Board Workshop Pack for all the tools you need to run a workshop with these projects.

5 x Touch Board
5 x Electric Piant 50ml Jar
5 x Electric Pinat 10ml Tube
5 x MicroSD card
5 x MicroSD card reader
5 x Micro USB cable
5 x Universal USB plug
60 x Alligator clips

Download the PDF (1.7MB)

Download this document for everything you need to run an exciting and enriching lesson with the Touch Board and Electric Paint.
Download the PDF.

Touch Board

Musical Objects

Make musical sensors using the Touch Board. This project enables you to run a fun workshop and build interaction and sound into your environment by simply exploring the objects and materials around you.

Musical Objects | Video Tutorial

Game Controller

Want to show your group how to make a Game Controller, or just make one yourself? Step-by-step instructions and a printable template will make this a breeze.

Game Controller | Video Tutorial

MIDI Piano

Create a paper piano with Electric Paint and the Touch Board. Just follow the steps or watch the video for instructions. Music is at your fingertips.

MIDI Piano | Video Tutorial

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