Touch Board Digital Toolkit

Integrate programming, musical composition, and illustration into your projects. Get started with these resources.

Touch Board on grey background with white graphics

The Digital Toolkit is an introduction to some of the digital tools you can use alongside the Touch Board and Electric Paint. It includes projects using Max/MSP, Ableton Live, and vector graphics. This resource provides the building blocks for you to integrate programming, musical composition, and illustration into your projects. Use the files in the Digital Toolkit in your workshop, and build on them to create sophisticated and customised projects.

Check out the Touch Board Workshop Pack for all the tools you need to run a workshop with this manual.

5 x Touch Board
5 x Electric Piant 50ml Jar
5 x Electric Pinat 10ml Tube
5 x MicroSD card
5 x MicroSD card reader
5 x Micro USB cable
5 x Universal USB plug
60 x Alligator clips

Sound Library

A sound library so you can quickly change the MP3s on your Touch Board and create an audio-visual story of your choosing.

Download the zip file (6.9MB)

Basic Project Templates

Printable templates for you to get started with. Use them alongside our Basic Projects for three full lesson plans.

Download the zip file (2.3MB)

Touch Board vector files

Vector files for you to print or cut out. Make stencils or templates to create visual graphics for your project.

Download the zip file (4.3MB)

Touch Board + Ableton Live

Use your Touch Board as a hackable MIDI controller to connect to Ableton Live, this will get you started.

Follow the tutorial here

Touch Board + Max/MSP

Connect your Touch Board to Max/MSP to bring the power of its robust sensors into your patch.

Follow the tutorial here

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