Learn about the Touch Board with the Pin Map

A close up of the Touch Board and it's features.

graphic of the touch board pin map

With this resource in your hands, attaching shields and grounding your Touch Board should be just that bit easier. Simply download the PDF below, and pass it on to any fellow Touch Board owners on your journey to expertise.

The Touch Board features include

  • 12 touch electrodes
  • 3.5mm stereo audio output socket
  • Micro SD card for MP3 playback and data logging
  • Micro USB for power and connectivity
  • Lithium Polymer cell input for power
  • On/ Off Switch
  • Reset Switch
  • Atmel ATmega32u4 chip
  • On board MP3/MIDI/OGG/WAV playback
  • On board polyphonic MIDI synthesis
  • Works straight out of the box
  • Programmable via the Arduino IDE
  • Arduino Shield compatible
  • Touch electrodes also available as 0.1” pitch pads
  • Connects to our conductive paint or any other conductive material (foil, conductive thread, wire, conductive foam)

Download the PDF (512 KB)

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