Touch Board Shield Guide

Download this guide to figure out which shield would suit your project best.

graphic of shield guide

For those of you not in the know, a shield is a printed circuit board that physically latches onto your microcontroller to extend its core functions. There are a tonne on the market today so we wanted to highlight some of their features to make your shopping trip as simple as possibleWhether you want your Touch Board to be WIFI connected or turn a light on and off, just download the guide below and get clued up on which shield would suit you and your project the best. We’ve featured awesome shields from our friends over at Arduino, Adafruit, Ciseco and Sparkfun.

The Touch Board started off as a combination of shields. After a lot of prototyping and hard work we merged it into one single bit of kit which works great straight out of the box. We knew the pros out there might even want to take it one step further, so making it shield compatible was important.

Download the PDF (640 KB)

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