The Touch Board Skull Box

We got Nick's Touch Board Skull Box. Learn more details about it below.

Halloween skull box

It’s nearly Christmas time, but we still want to showcase Nick’s Touch Board Skull Box. This community project was used for a Halloween-themed house party and gave treats to unsuspecting guests. It uses the Touch Board to open the box with a servo and light up LEDs. Read below to get a full overview of the project!

The project has two parts: One part is a box which is opened by a skeleton hand and another part which was the skeleton head. The skeleton hand opens a box, which contains a servo that opens and closes the box and sensors that registers when the box is open and when it is closed. Inside the box, the guests could find treats and a LED ring simulating a pulsation.

Skull box for halloween

The skull head part includes a jelly heart and brain with LED rings lighting the body parts up. In order to open the box, the jelly needs to be touched. The Touch Board has two of its sensors connected to the jelly brain and heart and the board is also monitoring the state of the box and lighting up the LEDs. If the board has been idle for a while, it starts playing a sound.

We love Nick’s creative and unique Touch Board and thank him! If you have a project that uses the Touch Board, we’d love to hear from you, so email us your ideas at

Touch Board Skull Box for Halloween