Touch Board Techniques and Inspiration

Discover the possibilities of what you can create with the Touch Board.

Touch Board om grey background with black graphics

This documents provides an overview of the wide range of techniques and tools that are compatible with Electric Paint and the Touch Board. The purpose of this document is not to provide step-by-step guidance, but rather to present the breadth of opportunities and outputs that are possible when using these technologies. Mix and match the tools and techniques to create new project briefs or variations on existing ones, or simply review the case studies for inspiration.

Check out the Touch Board Workshop Pack for all the tools you need to run a workshop.

5 x Touch Board
5 x Electric Piant 50ml Jar
5 x Electric Pinat 10ml Tube
5 x MicroSD card
5 x MicroSD card reader
5 x Micro USB cable
5 x Universal USB plug
60 x Alligator clips

Download the PDF (4.6MB)

Discover all the technical possibilities and see what others have done before. Browse or present this document for ideas and inspiration.
Download the PDF

Touch Board


Want to figure out the best way to connect the Touch Board to sensors, or how to paint your own graphical sensors with Electric Paint? This section will show you how.

Bare Conductive Electric Paint Jar screen print a piano on paper


Check out the Outputs section of the PDF to understand how the Touch Board can be used alongside different programs such as MaxMSP and Ableton and what tools it’s compatible with.



laptop with ableton live


Bare Conducitve’s community is wide and varied. There are some good things to be learnt from their creations so check out these case studies for inspiration.

Two people interacting with Bare Conductive art display

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