Which speakers to use with the Touch Board

Learn which speakers you can use with the Touch Board

Touch board connected to speaker with red light

With the Touch Board, you can make musical instruments out of everyday objects, sound-based alarms or interactive sound murals. Depending on the needs and scale of your project, there are a few different options when it comes to speakers.

Portable speakers

The Touch Board Starter Kit comes with portable speakers, which can be charged and then simply plugged into the Touch Board. Portable speakers are great when you are making small or portable installations with the Touch Board.

Speakers with AUX input

If you are making large scale installation and you need your speakers permanently set up, you can also use speakers with an AUX input. Simply use an AUX cable to connect the speakers to the Touch Board.

Bluetooth speakers

Using Bluetooth speakers is great when you need to make a modular project with the Touch Board. It allows you to hide the Touch Board within a casing, and connect to the speakers wirelessly. To learn how to set up Bluetooth with the Touch Board, have a look at the Bluetooth speaker tutorial.

Touch Board Bluetooth speakers