A 12-foot-tall Electric Guitar

Ever imagined yourself playing a 12-foot-tall Electric Guitar? Well, if you’re based in Kansas City, you could have the chance to rock the Boulevardia festival. But, what is this super tall guitar we’re talking about? It’s a project that Chris Riebschlager from Dimensional Innovations made for the festival.

We were so impressed by this guitar and curious to find out more about its construction, so we caught up with him and asked him everything about his gigantic instrument.

Did you encounter any difficulties of using the Touch Board and if yes how did you overcome them?

The Touch Board was actually the one part of this project I had absolutely no trouble with. I was initially concerned with how it would behave after connecting it to 60 feet of galvanized wire. I wasn’t sure if the capacitive touch would behave as expected through that much metal, but it performed like a champ.

Once we brought the guitar back to the shop, we wound two strands of wire together for each string to help keep the strings straight and tight. So the board is now attached to 120 feet of galvanized wire and it still performs perfectly without having to tweak the sensitivity settings.

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