3D Printed Orthopaedic Braces – Holey Interview

How many people are you?

We are 3 associates, 2 business angels, and 5 employees, all based in Rome.

What was the initial phase of Holey, how did the idea about Holey take form? Were there any alterations?

At the beginning, our aim was to build the brace and then sell it. We then discovered that it’s not an easy process because of medical law. We decided to develop the technology, the software and the hardware and then we would be able to sell it to private or public clinics. At the beginning, we also thought that we will just do it for the hand and that’s it. Then they taught us to think bigger, so we thought how to apply the technology to the whole body. So our ambitions have grown.

What are your plans for expanding outside Italy?

The first step is Italy, but we’re also thinking of expanding to Germany and France. Germany, because is very famous for orthopaedic technology and also for the doctors. They have many orthopaedic Universities, and they also they have a very strong market, made mostly of private clinics. France, because is very famous for orthopaedic surgery.

Images: Holey & Bare Conductive