A new look: vision, values, voice

In the last of a four-part series on our packaging redesign. If you’ve missed the previous pieces you can find them here: part 1, part 2, part 3. To wrap us up I want to talk about our packaging as evidence of our journey as a company. We’ve already moved through a few stages that can be summed up as an evolution from toys to tools to technology. Our old packaging looked too much like toys, and we’ve moved past that.

This packaging highlights that we make useful tools while revealing that our tools are part of a technology stack that we’re putting into the hands of our community. Our new Touch Board box tries to manage the transition from toy to tool by using accessible, but technical language and imagery. When viewed alongside our other hardware products and our paint it also becomes clear that the Touch Board is part of a technology stack.

We have big ambitions, but we know that we’ll only get there through our values of openness, accessibility and inclusion. These values are part of our everyday work and are present throughout our office, communication and products. Look closely, and you can see them on our new packaging. The Touch Board startup experience is a great example of our drive to create inclusive products.

When you take a Touch Board out of the box you’re greeted with friendly instructions in plain English which ask you to take three steps, power up your board, plug in your headphones and touch the first electrode. The Touch Board will take you through its features in an interactive audio guide. We’ve put even more emphasis on this feature in our new packaging to make sure that no one misses it.

Our vision and our values are most intensely focused through the words that we use. We talk about words more than anything else. How we talk about what we do changes what we do. It changes who is in our community, what other companies think of us and how we think about ourselves. Our values of openness and inclusion make language partially challenging. We have to ensure that the most technical engineer takes us seriously, without alienating someone who has a raw curiosity, but no familiarity wth technical language.

Careful use of language ensures the diversity of our community. The back of our Electric Paint tube box is a perfect example of where we try to strike a balance between technical credibility and accessibility to a wide audience.

We’ve done four quick articles on our new packaging, but we’re not done yet! Keep an eye out for an upcoming Instagram contest about your favourite packaging and four handy pdfs with designproduction, operations and product management tips from our team about the lessons we’ve learned in creating new packaging.


Author: Matt Johnson