A Touch Board Remix Collage

This project was finished the same day it was due, Kristin told us that she didn’t think there was any way she’d have it up and running in time for class. Thankfully, she was able to use the pre-programmed board to get her collage working in no time!

She swapped out the sound clips for the surf beats she wanted to use and was ready to go. The preloaded code makes it easy to test out your creation and make sure that all of your connections are working.

As a teacher, this is an especially attractive feature. Students can test their work quickly throughout the design process. Another great feature is the headphone jack on the touch board. This, along with the portable speaker that comes in the starter kit, allowed Kristin to display her piece without attaching it to a computer. 

As an artist, Kristin is usually using materials and technology in ways that they were not created for. What she enjoys most about Bare Conductive’s products is that they are incredibly flexible. She can work creatively with them as she would any other fine-art material. In addition to using the paint in creative applications, she often uses it to reinforce weak connections in other projects. It’s been a lifesaver on many occasions. 

Kristin told us that she’s planning to do more projects with the Touch Board, something that makes us very happy and excited to see what she’s got in her pipeline!

Images & Video: Kristin Osiecki

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