Q&A | Alicja’s Interactive Blocks

Liminal Object 1.0 is an immersive experience of a soundscape, which can be accessed through touch. The block patterns are designed to allow the player to express their interpretation of the sound, which in turn grants us to peek through the window of their imagination.

Alicja tells us more about her project:

‘Liminal Object 1.0 is a continuation of my work on the ‘secret life of objects’ theme I have been working with over the past year. The work uses interactive technology combined with familiar objects, materials and experiences to open a door to a different reality. My inspirations come from the world of fairy tales, magic and enchanted things which surround us constantly but we are not always able to notice them in the humdrum, patterns and habits of our daily life. Liminal things are a part of the world of children, who are able to enter it through the act of play, hence the interactions I aim to create are playful and inviting.’

The project was showing at the Cutting Edge Exhibition at the Stables Gallery in Richmond.