Art installation powered by the Touch Board

Who said Electric Paint can’t be incorporated into art projects?

The art installation ”Ich verstehe nichts / I don’t understand” is a set of musical instruments, which are intended to be watched, touched and heard.

There are three elements in the set: The Spindle, The Egg and an object without any name.

Both The Spindle and The Egg are powered by the Touch Board. Each of them has 12 touch-sensitive areas (aluminium electrodes) responding to touch by generating sound. Thanks to the use of MIDI, the sound is modified, depending on the time of touch and the number of active fields.

While The Spindle is connected to external speakers, The Egg contains a powerful loudspeaker inside. When touched, The Egg vibrates and emits low sounds. The Spindle has a higher sound resembling a violin.

The third object is a wind instrument, a percussion and a microphone, picking up sounds from around the environment.

Work on the set included experiments with different materials. As you might expect, The Spindle was the first to come into being.

Three prototypes were created, the final one is made of fibreglass. The object is hollow, with aluminium electrodes attached to the inner side of the walls. The artist and his team explored a lot of the Bare Conductive Touch Board features, especially the MIDI mode, with some tweaks altering the sound depending on touch parameters.

The installation was created by Waldemar Węgrzyn, Sr. – artist, printmaker and professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice and Kraków, Poland, with some technical help from Anna Widera and Waldemar Węgrzyn, Jr.

The three objects, along with a set of prints and drawings, were shown on January 2018 in the LAB303 gallery at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice.

Images & Video: Waldemar Węgrzyn

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