Behind the Interactive Walls of Jersey War Tunnels

Hey Phil! We came across your interactive installation that currently takes place at the Jersey War Tunnels. Can you tell us about the concept behind this project and why you chose the War Tunnels?

The Jersey War Tunnels approached us to revamp their ”Fortress Island” exhibition following the success of another exhibition we produced for them in 2016. They asked us if we could produce something high-tech and interactive. This exhibition is all about bringing life to the story of how Hitler fortified Jersey during the World War II occupation. Most of the information we were provided was statistical, so we wanted to find a way to engage the audience without necessarily having to read a lot of text.

We’ve read that the War Tunnels are Jersey’s largest tourist attraction. Can you share the importance of the tunnels and what other kind of cultural actions usually take place there?

The Jersey War Tunnels are quite unique. You can explore over 1,000 meters of tunnels, dug over 50 meters underground by more than 5,000 slave labourers. They are a living memory of World War II and it can be quite an emotive experience for many visitors. They receive many visitors from around Europe, but it’s also important for locals to rediscover their past and for the younger generations to understand the significance of what their elders lived through.