Best Community Projects of 2016

2016 – what an interesting year it has been, keeping us on our toes. Our community keeps surprising us with its creativity and unexpected ways of using our tools. It’s time to showcase an amazing range of projects we’ve received from you!

From beautiful wallpapers to interactive monsters and wind-generated music – we’re going to let the projects do the talking. Read on to see why we’ve put them in the Spotlight.

Interactive Wallpaper | Sensing Environments

One of our favourite projects of 2016 was created by designer Alexandre Echasseriau. The Interactive Wallpaper was printed with the Electric Paint, using the Touch Board to add interactivity to encompasses a complete ecosystem for musical wallpaper. Alexandre developed a bespoke wall speaker and wallpaper which combined to create a decorative and functional pattern, as well as the concept for a full web to print process that the user can use to customise their wallpaper. The idea is that users or customers go online to a dedicated website where they can select a custom combination of designs and sounds for their wall. The whole screen printing process is amazing, so it’s worth checking the video.

Alexandre always surprises us with his projects, so we’re very curious and excited to see his next project.

(Don’t) Touch the Monsters | Musical Interface

We had the pleasure of experiencing this project at Maker Faire Rome 2016. Double the joy in fact because Studio Macchinette used our latest board – the Pi Cap to create this large-scale interactive wall. The main material for the interactive surface is foam core board with overlaid graphics digitally printed on adhesive vinyl. Behind the foam core panels, there are several Raspberry Pis, each with a Bare Conductive Pi Cap. The amazing thing here is the interaction with the animation when touched. Watch the video to experience it yourself.

Studio Macchinette is working with infographics too to compliment playful interactions with more utilitarian outputs that work in public spaces.

Using Wind to Make Sound | Unexpected Interactions

Ever wondered how wind could help to produce sound? Artist and radio producer Jeff Kolar explored these capabilities in his latest project, named ‘Wind Chimes’. Jeff and Nicholas installed Touch Board, speakers and chimes outdoors and then they customised the Touch Board to integrate into the design of wind chimes. The result was magical.

Jeff also participated at RadioRevelten International Festival of Radio Art in Halle/Salle, Germany, with an installation of a custom intercom network.

Dark Diamond Mining | Unexpected Interactions

Another 2016 highlight is this project by EJ Tech. This time they were experimenting with Electric Paint and crystals. By mixing Electric Paint with Borax they have created conductive diamonds that can be turned into sensors which can produce sound when touched.

We are certain the team at EJ Tech will surprise us again this year, so stay tuned!

These were a few of the many great projects we’ve received in 2016. We’re thankful to all of you and we’re looking forward to your new creations.

Have an amazing 2017!