Best Community Projects of 2017

2017 was one of the most challenging and interesting years here at Bare Conductive. With the Electric Paint Lamp Kit Kickstarter campaign, the Touch Board Pro Kit launch, the new packaging unveil and IKEA Bootcamp project, 2017 provided lots of challenges, amazing moments and many new community projects.

Every year we chose the best community projects based on the interactions they got from our site, visitors and social media community.

From liquid lamps to projection mapping installations – we’re going to let the projects do the talking.

Liquidity Lamp | Unexpected Interactions

One of the top projects of 2017 was the Liquidity Lamp made with conductive paint by Product Designer & Industrial Design Engineer Jose M. Riesco. Combining design and Bare Conductive’s Electric Paint, Jose’s main goal was to find a new way for users to interact with the objects and the environment that surrounds them, especially in a domestic place.

This is why he designed a system in which the user can activate any electrical appliance through the use of Electric Paint in a liquid state. Check the whole process here and don’t forget to watch the fascinating video.

Gravity | Unexpected Interactions

Thomas Evans aka Detour is an Artist and a Bare Conductive Ambassador. Thomas is fascinated by the idea of using the technology in his art. He’s been using the Touch Board and Electric Paint in his artwork turning his paintings into instruments. In his latest project, he’s exploring Gravity. Detour uses Electric Paint and the Pi Cap to add interactivity to a 3D sculpture installation for his recent group show in Denver Colorado. The group show, titled ”Nice work if you can get it” revolves around the life and struggles of a full-time artist.

Touch Board Projection Mapping Installation | Sensing Environments

This project is one of our favourites because it uses the Touch Board and projection mapping, a pro feature with many possibilities. Ctrl+T.lab designed and built a touch-sensitive wall for an exhibition so that visitors could learn about the city of Foshan by interacting through an illustrated history. The exhibition presents the ideas and plans for an innovation park in the city, which is in Guangdong Province, China.

Watch the video to see how the installation works.

Awake – A Touch Board Interactive Wall | Sensing Environments

We’re always surprised how you can use our technology to point out problems of the everyday life. This is the case with this tactile interactive wall by Communication Designer, Marco Bazelmans. Marco got inspired by the quality of sleep people get nowadays and wanted to create an interactive project, which shows the steps; from lying awake on the bed to hardly being able to fall asleep.

Marco is working on a new project idea using the Touch Board. Excited to see the new theme!

Tempo Fresco | Musical Interface

This interactive wallpaper was made with the Touch Board and Electric Paint. The team behind the project wanted to create an interactive project where multiple people could compose a melody altogether. To do this, they created a 2-metre long Fresco made of abstract forms. The audience was invited to touch the Electric Paint patterns to trigger sounds.

These were a few of the many great projects we got in 2017. We’re really thankful to our community and can’t wait to see what your produce in 2018!