BLOG | Art + Bits Festival Projects

We’re feeling inspired after seeing the outcome of  Arts + Bits Festival in Katowice, Poland, where participants used the Touch Board and Electric Paint in two exciting workshops.

Thanks to Tomasz Szulinski for sharing images of the ‘Touch Scattered Installations’ workshop, which allowed adults to explore the Touch Board with other programs such as Ableton Live, OSC and Resolume. The brief of the workshop was to create an installation that expressed 12 different moods represented by sound or visual media.

The group decided to create a painted image of a body that acted as a compartmentalised sensor. The sounds and projected visuals could be manipulated by touching different parts of the body, whereas the heart area was for tweaking the visualisations.

The second workshop was aimed at young people, encouraging  them to create interactive posters with graphic sensors. The group used Electric Paint along with some interesting paper collaging effects which we’ve never seen integrated before!

Running a workshop? Check out our resources for planning and executing a group project, and let us know how it goes!